This is part 2, part 1 is based on my dad’s history and is based on what he wrote and his testimonies, however this part is about a visit to Poland where he was accompanied by my sister Nicky and myself, so it’s a more personal account.

Second Visit to Poland — 1995, 50 years after Auschwitz was evacuated.

In December 1994 dad read in various papers about the forthcoming Remembrance Ceremony planned in Auschwitz and he began to feel quite strongly that he should be there. Earlier that year he had met again with Luke Holland (a film maker) who was researching the resistance movement in Auschwitz-Buna and the role of…

Clocks are useful things, mostly they tell the time and this is generally a good thing.

Though we live in a digital age, people do have a thing for clocks, especially those that are worn on the wrist and these come in a multitude of varieties. These were analogue, then came the invention of the digital watch and then people spent a lot of money on analogue versions again.

Clocks (as in actual clocks) have tended to remain analogue, circular discs with hands that move around pointing to digits painted (or embossed) around the edge. …

Shure has been in the commercial microphone and in-ear phone space for many years (almost 100 as it was founded in 1925) starting in AM radio, then in the 30’s developing microphones, then in the 40’s developing headphones for the allies. The 50’s produced the first stereo phono cartridge in conjunction with Columbia records. The 60’s went swingingly with a dynamic microphone used by the White House ever since and the SM58 (studio microphone) favoured by rockers the world over. The 80’s moved into teleconferencing products and cardiod microphones suitable for high gain while being resistant to feedback. …

Wernher von Braun was a Nazi and should have been prosecuted for War Crimes


It’s always useful to be able to measure your temperature, especially when the world is in the throws of a pandemic where early signs of a fever could be mean getting help or not.

Kinsa is a US company that make thermometers with an app, they state their mission is “to stop the spread of infectious disease by knowing where and when it starts” and they have a HeathWeather map (currently seems to be US only).

There are two thermometers, one is an in ear device and the one reviewed here is inserted orally, under the arm or rectally (not…

No idea why people like quoting figures like 2,500 mA (2.5A) for chargers and other devices, well thankfully D-Link have announced the DUB-E250 a USB-C to 2.5G Ethernet adapter.

D-Link USB-C Ethernet adapter box
D-Link USB-C Ethernet adapter box
D-Link USB-C Ethernet adapter box

Opening the box reveals a large plastic holder into which the adapter is firmly held in place (though a complete was of plastic packing) and a paper limited warranty in many languages (that no-one is likely to read).

Isorg is a French company that develops large scale image sensors. They can produce Organic Photo Diodes (OPD) on to a thin film transistor (TFT) backplane.

This is being used for a FAP10 compliant fingerprint sensor (with a surface area of 1.27 by 1.65 cm).

FAP 10 is a complete solution, incorporating an image sensor, dedicated light source, optical filters and driving electronics. To support customer product development, Isorg will provide a reference design with its latest integrated ROIC (Read Out Integrated Circuit) and software processing for image quality enhancement that is optimised with Isorg’s OPD sensor technology.

The sensor…

Mous is a company that produces phone cases — originally for iPhones, but now for Samsung phones too. Well you’ve spent all the money on some shiny new hardware, you don’t want to break or scratch it really.

The cases come in a variety of materials (carbon fibre, walnut, shell, leather and bamboo), though they are just a skin on the actual base material. The case is highly impact resistance and has some clever tech inside that distributes a shock wave through the case therefore avoiding the phone and reducing the chance of damage. …

Brahman Design recently graduated from CRL the accelerator based in the old EMI Vinyl Factory in Hayes.

Previously Brahman had Kickstarter’ed a pencil sharpener, however it wasn’t any ordinary pencil sharpener. Though using a standard blade from a pencil sharpener (that’s replaceable), the sharpener actually is used like a traditional woodworker’s plane which is held and moved across the surface of the pencil (and around) to sharpen it, with graceful sweeps. It’s also called a Høvel which is pretty nice and it’s made of chunky weighty brass.

Beryl (as was Blaze) have started shipping their new front-facing white light/laser combo now called the Laseerlight Core. It’s considerably smaller than the older Laserlight and attaches via a silicon strap that goes around the handlebars. There are two inserts for the clip that attaches to the Core to cope with differing tube widths.

The case is now plastic rather than aluminium and it’s an altogether smaller design, though the light is 400 lumens along with the green laser that projects the bicycle shape on to the road.

There are 4 modes Day Flash, Pulse, 100% solid, 50% solid and…

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